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Welcome to a new feature on our website, where you get to ask Dr. Martin questions about braces: getting them, living with them, and all sorts of other orthodontics-related stuff.

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Our latest question comes from Marion in Wyckoff:
Dr. Martin, I have a son that just got braces. (So thank you!) Now, should he be brushing his teeth any differently?

Dr. Martin
Marion – first of all, thank YOU for trusting your son's orthodontic care to Martin Orthodontics. Really appreciate it.

Now, on to your question. YES - he will need to change the way he brushes his teeth. Once braces are installed, it becomes easier for food and plaque to become trapped in and around the devices. So you need to really get in there and be aggressive with brushing. Don't worry about the wires - get the bristles of the toothbrush right under there and be aggressive. You're not going to do any damage there. And just in case you do, just come to the office and we'll get your boy fixed right up!

For more information, we have a whole page dedicated to brushing and flossing right here on the website. Just click here for a detailed explanation with pictures and instructions.

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