Straight Talk - Fall 2011

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Too Old for Braces?
Actually, NO!

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Even though most orthodontics patients are young people, more and more adults are opting for braces. According to the American Association of Orthodontists website, one in five orthodontics patients are adults!

So, if you're an adult, and always wanted a smile that was different than the one you were born with, it's worth a consultation at Martin Orthodontics. Plus, you'll be joining lots of notable personalites, both male and female, who wore braces as an adult, including:

Nicholas Cage
Stewart Cink
Cindy Crawford
Tom Cruise
Faye Dunaway
Danny Glover
Diana Ross
Gwen Stefani
Barbara Walters


What's News:
Ask Dr. Martin - A New Feature On Our Website!

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Ever have questions about your braces? Or maybe you have questions about getting braces? Well, here's your chance to get them answered by an authority. Our new web page, Ask Dr. Martin, invites you to send your questions directly to Dr. Martin, and he'll be answering them as quickly as possible.

We're launching in August with the first question, and more questions will be posted as they arrive. It's everything you want to know about braces and more!


Patient Raffles

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Congratulations to Emily, who was the winner of our June patient raffle! Just for being a patient, Kristen won four park passes to Six Flags' Great Adventure!

Other recent raffle prized included a Kodak digital picture frame, a night out at California Pizza Kitchen, with a cookbook and a night at the movies, and a Kindle book reader from Amazon!

New raffle prizes are offered every month. Check out our Facebook page to learn what the curent prize is. All you have to do is be a patient, and remember to enter at your next appointment!


Braces-Friendly Recipes

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If you're new to braces and not sure about what you can or should be eating, don't worry. It's generally pretty simple and as long as you keep your braces free of debris, you can eat just about anything.

Now, if you're looking to make some great food to eat, you're in luck. The American Association of Orthodontists has compiled a list of braces-friendly recipes, and you can use them to start making delicious treats today! They've got a list of main dishes, side dishes and of course, lots of yummy desserts!

New recipes are being added all the time, so be sure to check back often. Happy eating! And happy smiling!



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