Straight talk - SPRING 2012

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A Month of Protection

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According to the American Association of Orthodontists website, April 2012 was "National Facial Protection Month," but as Spring sports heat up, it shouldn't stop there.

Spring and Summer sports may seem less physically demanding than the more obvious contact sports of Fall (like Football and Hockey,) but there is still good reason to wear protection, especially if your wear braces.

Many people recognize Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter as a great player, but he's also a dedicated mouthguard supporter, wearing a clear mouthguard during every game. As tennis becomes a more rugged sport (just watch Rafael Nadal or Novac Djokovic throw their bodies around the courts,) a mouthguard is a great idea, especially if you wear braces.

Of course, the most grueling Spring and Summer sport is Lacrosse, and that is a sport that demands protective gear, both on the head and on the mouth.

If you wear braces, it's ALWAYS a good idea to wear a mouthguard, and you can have Dr. Martin custom fit a mouthguard for your mouth! Look for a future StraightTalk article about custom mouthguards that are FLAVORED!



What's News:
Ask Dr. Martin - A New Feature On Our Website!

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Ever have questions about your braces? Or maybe you have questions about getting braces? Well, here's your chance to get them answered by an authority. Our new web page, Ask Dr. Martin, invites you to send your questions directly to Dr. Martin, and he'll be answering them as quickly as possible.

New questions have been posted, and some of them are really insightful! If you have a question, just click here and ask away. The Doctor is IN!


Patient Raffles

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Congratulations to Rebecca and Jack! They each won pizza and a movie night in our last raffle! There were two sets of DVDs (six DVDs in each package, including a Disney favorites package featuring ToyStory) plus popcorn, candy and a gift certificate to Wyckoff Pizza.

New raffle prizes are offered every month. Check out our Facebook page to learn what the curent prize is. All you have to do is be a patient, and remember to enter at your next appointment!


Share a Smile!

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We want you to share your smile with us! Just go to our Facebook page, and post your smile to our timeline. Then, write a caption for yourself and tell us why you're smiling!

You don't have to be a patient of Martin Orthodontics, we just want to spread smiles!



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