Straight talk - SUMMER 2011

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Fall Season=Full Contact
5 Simple Ways to Pay Attnetion to the Health of Your Braces

Now that fall has arrived and most adolescents are back at school, it's time to kick full contact sports into high gear. Football, hockey, field hockey, soccer, even basketball are all sports that include high levels of contact. If you wear braces, you need to know how to protect your mouth and your dental appliances. Here are five simple ways:

1. Wear a Mouthguard!
Mouthguards provide protection for both your teeth and your braces, if you wear them. Dr. Martin can help you get a custom mouthguard that fits over your braces and allows you to play without worry!

Learn more about the American Association of Orthodontics' new program:

2. Play "heads up"
Even if you are wearing a mouthguard, it's a good idea in sports to keep a "heads up." That means to be observant of everything that's going on in the field, especially near you. Blind hits and quick turns can hurt, and can damage teeth, jaws, cheeks and more. The more you're aware, the more likely you are to avoid injury and enjoy the game!

3. Heads up - even for spectators
Moms, dads, friends, family: just because you're in the stands doesn't mean you're safe. Fall sports have a habit of crashing past the boundaries and into the stands. So keep YOUR heads up too! Watch out especially for flying pucks, balls and players running at high speeds near the sidelines.

4. Use your wax
More than most activities, fall sports can increase friction between orthodontic appliances and the inside of the mouth. Use your wax generously before gametime to keep your mouth from getting sore or cut during running, jumping, kicking and tackling.

5. Stay hydrated
While this is good advice for all athletes, it's especially important for those who wear braces. Lack of hydration can lead to a condition called drymouth, and those with drymouth tend to lick their lips and leave the mouth in an open position. Of course, we all know that tongues and braces don't mix, and an open mouth during contact sports can also be dangerous.

What's News:
Martin Orthodontics - now in 3D!

Well, sort of. The new X-Ray machine is in, and it signals a new era for Martin Orthodontics, and a new wave in dental imaging. We recently installed a new Planmeca ProMax 3D XRay imaging unit, and it allows us to get very detailed pictures of the teeth and jaw positions, so Dr. Martin can fashion the perfect braces. Plus, it's easier for you! You just look at the screen, and the unit moves around your head. Super simple and very fast.
This helps:

• get braces more quickly,
• install braces that fit more comfortably
• make adjustments with accuracy

Patient Raffles

Congratulations to Kristen G, who was the winner of our October patient raffle! Just for being a patient, Kristen won a beautiful basket which was full of surprises, including an 8GB orange iPod Nano, plus an iTunes gift card and loads of accessories!

New raffle prizes are offered every month. Check out our Facebook page to learn what the curent prize is. All you have to do is be a patient, and remember to enter at your next appointment!

Comings and Goings:
Welcome to our two new Martin Orthodontics staff members!

Please welcome Kristin and Wendy to the Martin Orthodontics team. Kristin is a lab assistant and Wendy will be working at the front desk as a receptionist. Both are happy to help you in any way they can!


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