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Invisible Braces Designed Just For You
At Martin Orthodontics, you can also choose invisalign®, which are like braces that use clear retainers instead of traditional braces with brackets and archwires. With invisalign®, you wear a series of retainers that will move your teeth over time. Usually, most patients need about 20 - 30 invisalign® retainers to complete their orthodontic treatment.

The benefits of invisalign® include less discomfort, and removability. You are urged to wear your retainers at all times, but they can be removed for eating and drinking, and if you want to have them off for photographs or special occasions.

Similar Process
Just like with regular braces, you first need a consultation to determine your course of treatment. After Dr. Martin has gotten a clear understanding of your dental needs, he will recommend invisalign® as an option to consider.

The second step is to take a series of pictures and impressions of your mouth. These are sent to invisalign® for processing. Using computer-aided modeling, they send a set of retainers for you to begin your treatment. Dr. Martin will show you how to insert & remove your retainers, how to care for them and when you should come back for your next retainer. Similar to regular braces, you should expect to come in periodically for your next retainer. (From every two weeks to as long as six weeks depending on your case.)

What to Expect: Pain or Soreness
invisalign® braces don’t have the same pain potential as the bonding process might, but your teeth are still being moved and you may feel a little sore each time you put in a new retainer. If you have severe or prolonged pain, please alert Dr. Martin immediately.

Price: Comparable to Traditional Braces
The price for the invisalign® treatment is roughly the same as traditional braces. But remember, each case is different, and some patients are better off with invisalign®, while while others may require more customized options like traditional braces. Be sure to ask Dr. Martin about invisalign® and invisalign®|teen when you come for your first visit.