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Special Programs

At Martin Orthodontics, we offer several special programs to make your visits more
convenient, more affordable, and more rewarding!

The Family Plan
Many dental and orthodontic issues are genetic. It’s possible that your family may have multiple children with similar orthodontic needs. In the Martin Orthodontics Family Plan, we want to make it easy for you to consolidate all your orthodontic services here. If you have a child who has received orthodontic care at Martin Orthodontics, and then have additional children who require braces in the future, each successive child treated here will receive a family discount for their orthodontic care. (Up to $300/family member.)

The Pass-Along Program
Referrals are the essence of our business. If you enjoy the treatment and the office and would be confident referring our services to your friends or family, we’ll make it worth your while. For every patient you refer that becomes a Martin Orthodontics client, you’ll receive a $50 credit towards your treatment plan. The more patients you refer, the more you’ll earn towards your (or your child’s) treatment. Note: There is a maximum credit of $300. In order to qualify, your name must appear on a new patient form under “referral information.”

Monthly Patient Raffles
During certain times of year, we’ll give away a handsome monthly gift to the family of one random patient. The gifts will vary each month, but will be valued between $150 and $750! Monthly raffle prizes may include tickets to sporting events (Mets, Yankees, Giants, Jets, etc.) or gift cards to local retailers and/or malls. This is just a small way to say “Thank You” for trusting your orthodontic care to Martin Orthodontics.

Please note: You must be a patient to qualify for the monthly patient raffles. A complete set of rules and restrictions for all the Martin Orthodontics offers may be found in our office.